Customer Testimonials

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  • ChemScribe has helped TransChem stay ahead of GHS compliance and regulations.  The transition was seamless and the experience of ChemScribe staff members was very helpful during the transition to the new software.  The software has streamlined the SDS/Label process to allow TransChem to be in compliance with all new GHS regulations.  TransChem highly recommends ChemScribe to anyone in the market who needs to improve and streamline their SDS/Label procedures to comply with GHS.

  • Adam Egelhoff - Global Accounts Manager, TransChem, Inc.
  • ChemScribe is easy to use and has been very helpful with our company’s GHS conversion. They offer great support and their customer service experience is GREAT!

  • Mark Lovil - RiteKem
  • Everyone at Focus has been great! There's a lot to remember in writing an SDS and ChemScribe handles it for you. It has a large database of chemical components with information on their health and safety characteristics like CAS numbers and TLVs. Having to look up this information manually for every SDS would be both time consuming and error prone.

  • Dennis Mahoney PhD - Independent Consultant
  • ChemScribe is simple and easy to use. It’s fast. You select your product and hit the print button. If you are looking for a product to help you get GHS compliant without a big learning curve, ChemScribe is something well worth looking at. And that’s from someone who didn’t know anything about MSDS before purchasing ChemScribe. Focus Systems didn’t just sell me the product and send me on my way; they really helped me learn to operate the software.

  • David Hood - Hood Sales and Service
  • Focus Systems is on the right path and ChemScribe makes it easier for people to access and do their work. The people I deal with within Focus Systems are all great! ChemScribe is a good value and it helps immensely in preparing SDS. 100% great customer service experience.

  • Gerry Groudel - Advanced Chemical Solutions
  • User friendly system that accomplishes all our goals

  • Dave Richie - Titan Coatings
  • ChemScribe is quite intuitive and I was impressed with all of the features for the low price. This software is a valuable tool for making GHS compliant safety data sheets. All of the necessary statements and pictograms are built in. My experience with the Focus Systems staff is always good. So far, I am very satisfied with the ChemScribe software.

  • William Alldritt - Rock Valley Oil
  • ChemScribe allowed me to continue with my daily responsibility and easily convert our documents into the GHS compliant requirements. The simple drop down and pick printing system required very little training and guarantees accurate information on all our labels. ChemScribe has been the most helpful program with new GHS compliant changes happening in our industry.  Unlike the more expensive options, ChemScribe is affordable easy to use, and with the updates it guarantees that future changes will not cost your company even more money.

  • Carolyn Tusa - Matrix Chemical
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